Friday, July 20, 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour - London!

So a couple of weeks ago I went to the newly opened Harry Potter Studio Tour in London... After more than 4hrs travelling by coach and train I made it! It was pretty interesting seeing all the real props and the sets used in the Harry Potter films. I used to be a massive Harry Potter fan when the movies came out and watched up until HP3 a billion times but.. I should have rewatched some of the later films because I felt lost at some points because I couldn't remember what happened or what a certain thing was! :(

Harry's cupboard under the staircase!

The Great Hall

Potions Lessons

Death masks

I wonder who lives here... ;)

Drinking butterbeer...

Oh hello.

Creepy... so realistic!


So many wands!

Sorting hat !

There were also so many people there it was hard to take photos without people photobombing all your shots! Overall, pretty good fun and a must see for all HP fans! 


  1. Great photos! Defo have to check this studio out.
    M from

  2. amazing pictures! i really necessarily need to go there :D