Saturday, November 24, 2012

Istanbul, Turkey!

I just came back from a trip to Istanbul.. so sad to be back.. it was so awesome there! The baklava there is sooo yummy! Regretting that I didn't bring back more.. 

Half of Istanbul is in Asia and the other part is in Europe. It's so cool! However, most of the touristy sites are on the European side. 

 We took a ferry one day to the Asian side to Kadikoy to go to a market and it was so cheap! There are virtually no tourists around, all locals. There are hundreds of stalls! Alot of stalls were selling Topshop, Zara, H&M, Mango clothes on big tables for pretty cheap! Only problem is making your way through the crowd to the tables!

  A visit to Istanbul is not complete without visiting one of the Bazaars, either the Spice one or the famous Grand Bazaar. The salesmen are much more friendlier and less in your face than Marrakech. But.. I'll never be able to avoid the "Konnichiwa, Japan! Korea! Singapore! etc. etc." The stalls are much cleaner but only problem is that everyone sells the same things! It's hard to find unique things that are cheap here.. :(

At the end of the trip I came home with nearly a kilo of Turkish Delight, a bag of Apple tea, bag of Turkish coffee, rugs, cushion covers, a tray of Baklava, Turkish fairyfloss, a lot of clothes and other misc. souvenirs! My backpack was so heavy on the flight home! 

 The Blue Mosque & Hagia Sofia are massive, beautifully designed structures and are a must visit when in Istanbul!

 What I found was amazing is that there are cats everywhere! I don't know where all the cats come from but they are seriously everywhere you go.. and suprisingly well fed.

 We also went down to Eminönü which is where all the ferries are and tried a fish sandwich from one of the boats there. 

 Even though its cheap, sadly I didn't really like it. There was fried fish, a bit of lettuce and heaps of raw onion.

 Haha I just got back and am already planning my next trip... Budapest maybe..?

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