Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scotland trip + Instagram !

Yay loving Instagram! I know I'm kinda slow getting it.. but I don't have an Iphone yet so I'm stealing my bf's phone to use Instagram :)

Anyways, just came back from 4 days in Scotland. First we stopped at the Lake District for a ferry cruise on one of the lakes...

We reached Glasgow late afternoon so we didn't have much time to explore.. the next day we headed out to the Scottish highlands and had a look at the beautiful scenery. The weather started off badly but luckily cleared up after! We spent sooo much time on the coach... Zzzzz..

The next day we spent the day in Edinburgh! It started off hailing which was horrible but later cleared up and was sunny ! Edinburgh is such a pretty city, wish I had more time exploring!

Attempted to climb Arthur's Seat but only reached halfway and thought that the view was good enough :)

On the way home, we stopped over at St Andrews and Gretna Green.. the weather was terrible but luckily we spent most of our time sipping tea in the cafe where Kate and Wills had coffee..
That's all the travelling for now! Next up is my grand Europe trip! :)

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