Friday, March 2, 2012

Life in the UK so far... (long post + pic heavy)

Sorryy for not blogging in ages! Life in the UK is pretty awesome! Cooking, cleaning, iron-ing however is not! Anyways... life so far..

1. Food we've cooked: Sorry the pics aren't great! Taken with Iphone!

Fried noodles

Spaghetti Bolognese
Crispy noodles + stir fried veg
Honey soy chicken and beans

Grilled salmon and bok choy
Fried rice

Stir fry veg + tomato rice
Pork Belly + stir fried tofu/veg
Haha.. still pretty noob at cooking but I hope I'll get better and better and maybe by the end of the year I'll be pro-chef!

2. SNOWW!! 

3. Day trip to Cardiff

Cardiff was a very beautiful city and the luckily the weather was awesome! Wish I could have spent more time here.

4. Day trip to Oxford

Oxford's colleges were sooo pretty and each had their own chapel and dining hall! Oxford has alot of culture and history and I learnt alot from the walking tour.

5. Ireland & Northern Ireland - 4 Day trip

Sooo first we took the coach to the place on the west coast of the UK called Holyhead and took a 3 hr ferry to Dublin. The ferry was like a hugggeee ship..
LOL at my hair

Angry face.. haha

After we arrived we checked into our hostels, we headed down to a pub called Porterhouse and ate dinner in a private VIP room on the top floor. Then the pub crawl began!

The morning after.. we went on a walking tour around Dublin!

Streets of Dublin are so wide and spaced out

All of us!

Trinity college

Lunch at M&S
 Then we went to the famous Guinness factory to sample beer and learn about the origins of Guinness

Helping myself to some Guinness.. :)
Dinner was at The Brazen Head, Ireland's oldest pub... dating to 1198

Wandering the streets of Dublin...

The next morning we headed off to Northern Ireland. First stop: The city of Derry, or also known as London-Derry.We went on a guided walking tour of Derry and learned alot about its political and violent past..

Next stop: Dunluce Castle, a ruined medieval castle very close to the edge of the cliffs.

Third stop: Carrick-a-rede

Then.. the Giant's Causeway. Annoyingly, it was raining and we had to walk 20-30 min to the place. I guess the walking paid off when we saw it..

That night we arrived in Belfast and went to a pub for drinks and then a gay club. So cool cause they had unisex toliets!

sooo nice!
asian pose + asian red faces! ^^
The next morning, we sightsee-ed the city of Belfast.

City hall

The door from the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe! :)

Overall, the Ireland trip was heaps of fun and I met heaps of new and awesome people. Can't wait to go on my next journeyy :)

This weekend I'm going to York.. hope that'll be fun! :)

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