Thursday, August 18, 2011

losing weight..

urrghhhh today is the second third day of trying to be healthy! So far i've snacked on a zillion tim tams and eaten alot of things undiet-y! howw am i ever going to lose 10kg? I'm putting my faith in Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout video and Paul Mckenna's I Can Make you Thin book.

why a totally strange combo? because its worked before! a few years ago i followed Paul's 4 golden rules and did Jillian's workout video nearly everyday and lost 10kg. true story. i dont know how i did it.. After university started i guess i got lazy and stopped exercising and started to overeat bad bad foods! Anyways so after only doing the first level of workout video.. my non existant abs are sore and my limbs are achinggg. i'm hoping that tomorrow will be easier.

i'm up to my neck in assignments and mid-semester exams! i seriously don't know how im going to survive. i really don't! I got a text regarding a job opportunity to work in annoothherr newsagency. why nowwww? ahh i guess i shouldnt complain but let's just see what happens...

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